South Africans love the outdoor life. You’d be hard pressed to find an Mzanzi local who doesn’t love a good braai and/or potjie. Many SA men would rather be called a bad lover than be told that their ability with the tongs is not up to scratch.


A braai or potjie is at the center of the majority of SA social life, whether in the garden, out camping or even the balcony of a small flat. Us Saffa’s just love preparing our cuisine in a place that makes us feel closer to nature.


It was with this unbridled love that inspired us to create the Cooking on Coals Events. The brainchild of comedian, chef and passionate braai master Chris Forrest saw a need to bring like-minded tong enthusiasts together. A veteran of multiple food festivals and similar events, he decided that it was time to take things to a whole new level of cuisine and entertainment; as such he is involved with an outstanding team of individuals who collectively have 63 culinary events and exhibition industry experience.